Hello My Beautiful Friends,

Sorry for the lack of posts lately and not to get into it all nor to make excuses but life happens, kids were done school and summer break began, we took our first real family vacation and it was on a cruise.  Now that my kids are back in school and I’m back at work I’ve gotten my head back in the game and I’m on a good path.  I feel that I’m off to a good start, I started reading Chris Powell’s Choose More, Lose More for Life, it’s Chris’s carb-cycling plan.  I’ve been watching Chris & Heidi Powell on their popular tv show called Extreme Weight Loss and I really enjoy his interaction with the participants, it shows he really does care for them and it’s not just about a weight loss show.  So that’s what got me to buy his book, I also have his latest book too, Extreme Transformation for Life, (I got halfway through it and then I decided I wanted to read his other book first and then I’ll graduate to his newest book Extreme Transformation.)

I’ll explain more about carb cycling in another post but today I just wanted to give a little update to tell you all know what I’ve been up too and that I haven’t given up on my weight loss journey nor have I forgotten all about you guys.
Things can only get better from here on out.

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